Friday, January 20, 2006


It was a rainy afternoon and a cold twilight when we're preparing for the opening in Padi Artground. Rifky Effendi (known as Goro) a well known art critic and curator who would be the person to open our exhibition has arrived in Bandung since 3 o'clock from Jakarta (thanks to Goro, how's your offering to exhibit us in Cemara Gallery, jakarta? Shoudn't u follow up? Hee hee!), while his best friend, Dody Achmad that is the Chief Director of Padi (Big thanks to this funky and wise person!), arrived around 2 hours after Goro, they 'dissolved' in conversation as soon as they met, seemed like a reunion! Jajang Supriyadi, who supports our concepts with his fascinating thoughts presented in notes for the catalogue, arrived an hour before the opening (Thanks also to Mr Jay!). Meanwhile our sponsors from Fresh Handmade Cards and SR 104 has already standby on their stands (Thanks to these Dudes!). On 7 pm, people started to came to the gallery and mixed in to the crowd with the other invitees and visitors outside the gallery. The athmosphere became so crowded and warm.

As well as the MC started to announce the event, visitors attentivally watched the whole course of opening events. Begun with the speech by Mr. Dody Achmad who announced our exhibiton as an opening agenda for this year, we feel highly regarded! The event continued with the speech by Jajang Supriyadi, later he introduced the member of restART to the visitors. Before the exhibition opened, we have a performance by Teguh, our best friends who read his best poems for us (Thanks brow!). The main course is the exhibition opening officially by Goro, as Goro signed our poster as a symbolic action for the opening, the visitors gave their handclaps, then, MC pleased the visitors to enter the gallery and to enjoy our paintings while cool musics by YusufDigitalCulture (thanks! Big nose is big creativity!) played as our soundtrack.

There is so many visitors visited our exhibition, based on the guestbook, we have more than 200 visitors on that night! Most of them are friends, artists and lecturers, the rest are the curators and gallery managers. restART received many compliments from those who visited. After had watched all of our works, some of the visitors went to the rear part of the gallery to enjoy the delicious meal made by mom's kitchen, one of our sponsor (Thanks Mom!).

All of the events in that night have already documented by Bennie F from Studio Ilusi, and Erik Pauhrizi from Devil Chips (Thanks and high five to you!). We also want to say lots of big Thanks to PT Djarum: Mr Janny Sahertian and his friendly daughter, Grace, also to Budi Susanto (Yow Mas Budi!), because of they favours we able to produce our posters and catalogues! Thanks again to our lecturer: Dikdik Sayahdikumullah; And Teguh's family. And last but certainly not least, thanks to R E Hartanto for your recommendation! (As a reward, tell me if u need anything! Ho ho!)

Next post will be a review from artist's talk and discussion wich held on 16th Januari 06. There's gonna be informations about restART's painting and what was the main topic discussed.

-Yogie restART-


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