Friday, January 20, 2006

restART Community

restART was formed on November 05, there was only 4 persons at that time, me (Yogie), Reggie, Sancok and Rangga. All of us are collegiate of Bandung Institute of Technology, Departement of Fine Art. Sancok has graduated 1 year ago meanwhile Rangga decided to step out from the instituon for some reason after 2 years experienced study in the Institution. Reggie and Me have finished our final course for our graduation 2 days just before our first exhibition, so we're now free from some academical matters, me and Reggie only have to wait for graduation day officially.

Basically we're realize the importance of working in a community as better and dinamic activity than workin as an indivudual artist as well. Related to Bandung social artscene, we aim to stimulate Bandung young artist, esp young painter to be more productive, not only in producing artworks, but in creating new thought, fresh idea and discourse, sounds very utopian somehow... But it could be considered as our response to the stagnation of painting discourse in Bandung.

On Saturday, 14th January 2006, we held and opened our first exhibition in Padi artground. The exhibition presents 24 Paintings from restART community everyday for 2 weeks long. We also held a discussion and watercolour painting workshop during the exhibition. The exhibition entitled "Entropia", means "meassure of dissorder". Lexically, entropia is formed from greek "trope" means "change",literally "turning", on the model of the energy. Our exhibition is a point to start our vision statement: To redefine and urge the significance of painting as a media of representation.

Nowadays there are so many choices provided for us to freely choose what kind of media that is relevant with our concept or idea. Whats beeing the basic question is why we choose a certain kind media rather than the others? Its too naive if we put the answer on the matters of choice only. As a young artist, we have to know the tautology of media we choose, otherwise- we take it for granted... For us, the main question that it has to be answerd eccentially is why we decided and insisted to tell our ideas through painting, because for example, obviously multimedia art offers us more explorative way in the matter of representation. For many years we have lost this kind of discourse, contextually the painting discourse in Bandung hasn't been providing any answer yet neither with clues, its a stagnation. Only for example: People still doing they "blur potraiture" painting a la Garhard Richter and off course its very welcomed by market, and many of our art critics said that its our latest and newest symptom in Bandung Painting Discourse. We feel that it's very paethethic, seems all we can do is adopted whats has been the other's discourse since many years ago, and here we still call it "contemporary".

-Yogie restART-


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